New Technology for Pulmonary Embolism

TULLAHOMA, Tenn. (Dec. 11, 2020) -- Dr. Dinesh Gupta, cardiology, and the Tennova Healthcare - Harton Cath Lab team conducted their first two procedures utilizing a new system to treat patients with pulmonary embolisms (PE), or blood clots in the lung.

According to the equipment company representative, until now a patient would have to travel to Chattanooga or Nashville to receive this procedure with this technology. The technology offers an effective and safe treatment alternative to existing therapies.

The ultrasound accelerated thrombolysis uses advanced ultrasound excitation – or acoustic pulses - to precondition blood clots for rapid clot removal. The device is intended for controlled and selective infusion of physician-specified fluids, including thrombolytics, into the peripheral vasculature.

This system gently accelerates the penetration of thrombolytic agents into thrombus – or clots - providing high level results with the clot-dissolving drug, and safety in a fraction of the time required by conventional treatment. Unlike conventional systemic anticoagulation therapy, this technology is designed to actually dissolve clots, which most likely reduces the risk of dangerous post-thrombotic syndrome.

“With this cutting edge technology, we expect excellent outcomes,” said Dr. Gupta. He added, “These first two patients had great results.”

When following up with the two patients, Allison Dyer, RN, Manager of Tennova Healthcare – Harton’s Cath Lab, she found they both were doing well and gave heartfelt thanks to Dr. Gupta and Harton.

The first to have the procedure, Charles Davis from Shelbyville, said, “I am breathing much better and can move around a lot easier.” He added, “Dr. Gupta is one of the finest doctors there are and the hospital staff were excellent!”

The second patient to receive this procedure on the same day, Sarah Noles from Tullahoma, told Allison, “I am feeling good – better every day. All the staff are wonderful and went above and beyond.” Sarah added, “I would like to thank Dr. Gupta and everyone from the bottom of my heart!”

The system is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the ultrasound facilitated, controlled and selective infusion of physician-specified fluids, including thrombolytics, into the vasculature for the treatment of pulmonary embolism.

To find out more about this procedure and technology, contact Dr. Dinesh Gupta, Cardiology & Vascular Associates, PLLC, at (931) 393-7831.